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CVC with Intelligence

Abstract Background

Expertise in Starting New CVCs & Supporting Existing Teams

  • Alignment to the core business -  e.g., strategic intent, time-based goals, metrics, investments, & team.

  • A-to-Z of Emerging Spaces - foresight into new & disruptive markets, technologies, products, and services.

  • CVC Rollout - e.g., networks, investments, term sheets, future foresight, deal flow, and deal closings.

  • Building institutional memory - your own CVC playbook.

  • Expert strategic & tactical advisory to portfolio companies.

Our services are delivered by technically experienced and academically qualified medical and health physicists. We ensure our customers' patient services are never disrupted by creating detailed testing schedules yet remaining totally flexible once on site.

We provide the highest quality of diagnostics testing & acceptance testing services at the most competitive prices.

You can rest assured being in compliance of all necessary regulations when you hire Vaxa Medical Physics.

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